Meeting, Conference, Seminar / Party room
Phurua Bussaba Resort and spa Available for conference and banqueting rooms, including 2 -. 1. Phumangkang conference Hall. A separate building. For a seminar or banquet. Capacity of approximately 200 people and has enough room. Have a voice. And projectors. Details about the meeting. Please call us at 042-899299 and 042-899330. 2. Sajja Maitree meeting room. Located in the building. By the left hand of the entrance hall. A small meeting room. Capacity of approx.50 is suited to small parties. Among friends. Or meeting whose attendees are.
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ˌͧЪ  Ѵ§ Phumangkang conference hall Sajja-Maitree meeting room Phumangkang conference hall